Electrical & Communication

At Terry Lamb Group we have the technical know-how, experience and understanding of all your electrical and communication needs. Our team of qualified technicians are ready to provide you with the best engineered systems and components tailored to suit your specifications both on time and budget, so you can enjoy reliability in your sustainable lifestyle.

Hoarding Hire

At Terry Lamb Group we provide excellent hoarding services designed to meet your needs whether it is provision, installation or removal. Our target audience is mainly owners and managers of shopping centres that are undergoing renovations and refurbishments. We always aim towards an ideal outcome in attracting sought after traffic and attention

Shop Demolition

We rely on many years of experience when it comes to demolishing shops the professional way and disposing what was there before with no hassles at all. Demolition and disposal tasks go hand in hand but the latter requires more work as environmentally orientated contractors such as us will need to take into consideration safe disposal

Building Maintenance

We have both the skills and the experience to provide building maintenance that is bundled with a strong commitment ensuring all our trade clients will receive highest level of quality repairs and breakdowns fixes. Our maintenance strategy is simple yet effective, we attend to your building needs with urgent and undisputed resolutions

Construction Projects

TLG construction services span across almost the entire building industry. We build all types of buildings and provide effective project management. Our construction services contributed to so many successful building projects we recently accomplished by simply adhering to an effective resources management system