Shop Demolition

We rely on many years of experience when it comes to demolishing shops the professional way and disposing what was there before with no hassles at all. Demolition and disposal tasks go hand in hand but the latter requires more work as environmentally orientated contractors such as us will need to take into consideration safe disposal steps are followed as well as recycling of materials where appropriate. Our team capabilities extend to all other aspects of services associated with shop demolitions including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, tiling and so forth.
Some basic guidelines to demolishing shops and buildings safely: Document all implications before proceeding so an informed decision is made including toxic substances control Ensure to adhere to local guidelines and safety measures for workers and other people in adjacent surroundings Utilise fully qualified and licensed contractors to handle any hazardous material Abide to CAS (Contractor Accreditation Services) management guidelines Clean up site safely and as required throughout the demolition process Dispose of waste following requirements of any in-place acts and regulations


We also prepare shops ready for leasing by installation of ceilings, carpet laying / flooring patching and painting walls, basic lighting, phone lines and electrical supply