Business Insurance


It is vital to maintain a current business insurance with an insurer who fully understands business needs and thus suitable provisions of insurance solution is implemented to ensure business continuity. We have taken the step towards such outcome to ensure appropriate protection. The following two sections disclose our insurance and registration information both for workers compensation and product and public liability. Verify our insurance compliance via CM3 website
Workers Compensation Insurance
We believe we have taken appropriate measures to fully protect our staff. With Allianz a range of services were on offer to address Ergonomic assessment, assistance with accidents and incidents investigations, risk management assistance, injury management training programs. Our insurance details with Allianz is listed below.


Insurer Allianz
Policy No. MWP0114513
Policy Expiry Date 09 / 10 / 2009
Combined Products/Public Legal Liability
Our primary business cover for public and products liability provides protection against a potential liability whether it is a personal injury or property damage and for visitors to our premises, buyers of our products, and public at large. Our products and public legal liability details with Lumley is listed below.


Insurer Lumley General Insurance
Policy No. SYENOO382744
Limit of Cover Min. $20,000, 000
Policy Expiry Date 21 / 04 / 2010